Motivate Korean is a language learning community that helps Korean learners motivate themselves to keep learning every single day.

Who We Are

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KEVIN ~ 모규현

I’m Kevin, and I’m an experienced language learner and teacher who began learning Korean in 2017. I also speak Italian, French, and Spanish. I share writing and video creation duties with Jeremy, and help develop new content for learners like you!

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안녕하세요! I’m Jeremy and I’ve been learning Korean for the past eight years and teaching in some form for the past five. I created MotivateKorean to help serious learners find the motivation to keep learning this beautiful Korean language I love.

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JANE ~ 김재현

Hi, I’m Jane, Jeremy’s wife! I’m a native speaker of both Korean and English, and have spent much of my life split between South Korea and the US. I help Jeremy with pronunciation resources, as well as fact checking for videos he makes. We’re currently raising our son bilingually in Korean and English.

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JONSON ~ 이종승

I’m Jonson and I’m the creator of the SpongeMind TV YouTube channel. Jeremy and I co-host the SpongeMind Podcast, a bilingual English - Korean podcast for language learners. I’m currently learning German and I love language learning!

Our Mission


To Help You Create Your Own Motivation

If you’re not motivated to learn something, you’ll never actually stick with it for long.

If your goal is to speak and understand Korean really well, you’re going to need to know how to identify and create your own sources of motivation, and use them to fuel your learning far into the future.


To Connect You With Real Learners and Teachers

Language isn’t about books, courses, or apps. It’s about communication and connection between real people.

Everything we do at Motivate Korean is built to help you connect more deeply with Korean learners, Korean teachers, and the Korean people in general.


To Help You Inspire Other Learners

Many people want to learn Korean, but are told that it’s too challenging, too time-consuming, or even impossible.

By learning Korean well (and joining our community of like-minded learners), you’ll be living proof that learning Korean is not only possible, but extremely life-enriching as well.


To Increase Your Understanding of Korean Culture

No matter where you’re from, there are bound to be aspects of Korean culture that are strange, unfamiliar, or otherwise completely unknown to you.

At Motivate Korean, we want to help immerse you within the Korean culture and way of life so that you can communicate thoughtfully and effectively with any Koreans you meet.