Sponge Immersion Tour! 
Intensive Korean Language Program in Seoul

Jonson and Jeremy will be guiding you on a two week journey through Seoul, South Korea, and the language of it's people. With daily As we visit different sites in Seoul, we will also be applying what we have learned in the classroom through challenges, scavenger hunts and other activities.

We will spend half of each day in the classroom focusing on the Korean language, pronunciation, grammar, learning techniques, conversation strategy, necessary phrases for real life, as well as cultural background.

The other half of each day will be spent out in Seoul. There will be a mission for each day which will be announced upon arriving at the site. A more accurate list of activities will be posted on this page at a later time and will be emailed to those who subscribe to the immersion mailing list below. 

What is included in the immersion tour package? 

  • 3 hours of language instruction Monday-Friday for the two weeks
  • Your stay at a hotel/ airbnb will be included, (Location TBA)
  • Meals will be included as follows: 
       Monday - Thursday: 3 meals a day
       Fridays: Breakfast and lunch will be included
       Weekend meals are NOT included
  • Afternoon outdoor activities, tours, etc. (TBA)
  • Cell phone roaming package
  • T-Money Card will be provided (???Should we cover transportation for weekdays????)


When is the program held? 

How many spots are available? 
12 spots are available

How do I send payment? 
Through Paypal or wire transfer and in order to hold your spot, a 20% non-refundable deposit is required.

Why aren't meals included on Friday night and weekends? 
We want you to have some experiences of your own on the weekends. We will discuss these experiences in class the following week. (???So will the program end on a Sunday? If so, that last Sunday should be the day of a workshop, after which we can say our goodbyes and all.)

What level of Korean should I be at? 

What do I need to bring with me? 
Pack a little more than one weeks worth of clothing and we will have laundry done once during the first weekend. See below for a packing list: 
-Cell phone, charger and necessary adapter (link/ image here)

-Laptop computer (if you have one) along with charger
-We will provide you with notebooks but please bring any pens or stationery that you wish to use
-Textbooks of any kind are not necessary, but of course you can bring them if you want. Just keep in mind they are heavy. 
-At least $200 in cash for personal expenses, souvenirs, food on the weekends, taxi rides, and other miscellaneous things

What if I have food allergies? 

How will I get from the airport to where I will be staying? 

What kind of plugs do they use in Korea? 

What is the weather like at that time of year?