A Korean Learner Workshop in Seoul!

is this workshop for right for me?

This workshop is for Korean learners of all levels, but those who have learned to read 한글 and have made some solid progress in learning will benefit more from this workshop.

how will I benefit from this workshop?

You’ll walk away understanding the major linguistic and cultural differences that make learning Korean difficult. You will also know how to confidently utilize language exchange, repetitive listening, learning apps, and grammar books to learn Korean.

What exactly will be covered?

The workshop will consist of four parts, followed by a language exchange session after a lunch break.

* Part 1: Language and cultural differences every Korean learner needs to know - these include topics like how differences in word order can affect how one thinks and expresses oneself, how grammatical differences between English and Korean can be linked to different understandings of interpersonal relationships, etc.

* Part 2: Foundational Principles of Language Learning every Korean learner needs to know - these include things like how memory works, why forgetting is a good thing, and why they say ‘repetition is the father of learning’, etc.

* Part 3: Your Korean Habit - Knowing what to do is one thing, but putting it into practice is where most learners struggle most. You’ll walk away feeling ready to implement a daily learning routine that will take you all the way the where you truly want to go with Korean. We’ll discuss things like…
* How to make daily repetitive listening fun
* How to effectively use an online dictionary on-the-go
* Language exchange tactics like how to find a language exchange partner, how to keep a partner, how to keep the conversation going even when you don’t understand, and how to avoid common miscommunications
* Effective language learning tactics like how to massively speed up your Korean learning with repetitive listening

* Part 4: Korean Q&A - The second half of our time together will be an open Q&A session to make sure you full understand how to apply and implement everything you’ve learned. We will also have time for Korean related questions - grammar, culture, expressions, study tactics, living in Korea, etc.

Be sure to prepare questions ahead of time. We will be covering questions submitting through our Korean Learner Workshop In-take Form


Schedule, location, & Payment

10:30AM - 11AM
Check-in & Registration
11AM - 12PM Presentation
12PM - 1PM Korean Q&A, Group activity (if time)
1PM - 2PM Group Lunch (Please bring 10,000원 cash for lunch)
2PM ~ GSM Language Exchange (see below for details)

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Global Seoul Mates, the biggest and most happening language exchange in Seoul. They have more than 2,000 language exchangers per month. We’ll be holding the workshop at their Gangnam location and we’ll all be joining the language exchange after the workshop is over. Find out more about them at https://globalseoulmates.com/about-gsm/
Video showing how to get there from 신논현 station, exit 3 LINK

Entry will come out to roughly 30,000원, covers GSM’s language exchange entrance fee
Lunch will be individual pay, so please bring some cash for lunch
Payment will be accepted through GSM’s website. You’ll see the link at the end of the sign up form.

Ready to sign up?

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